Watercolor and Chinese Newspaper.. In the Studio!

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to create a painting for a very sweet and awesome friend who is adopting! I can't wait to share more of her story soon, but I wanted to show you a peek at the progress on her painting. I love the awesome Chinese newspaper that she gave me and the opportunity to play with watercolors on canvas. It was a blast and I can't wait to show you the finished product, but nearly as much as I want you to know the story behind it!

Until then, thanks for letting me share the process... :)


I'm Back!

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I know that seems to the post title every April 16 or 17th, but working at an accounting firm during the day means that mid-April is especially daunting! Days are busy and I'm so thankful to have a job during the day and live my dream at the same time, but during tax season, it proves difficult to do both! Thank you for patience and understanding during the past few weeks! 

The other good news about my hiatus is that I've been doing a lot of thinking, brainstorming, dreaming and even some planning for Spring at Specs & Wings. As I jump back into the art that I love, I'm so excited to be sharing stories from some of my client/friends in the coming weeks! I will have more to share soon about upcoming plans, but until then, I wanted to thank you all for being the best ever!

Here are some of my favorite pins from around Pinterest lately. I'm especially excited about the awesome artwork, beautiful lettering, a lovely DIY and that vegan french toast... hello! If you'd like to follow my pins, click here.

I'm so excited to be back! If you're still reading, please comment to let me know you're here! :)


7 Tips for STELLAR Gallery Walls!

Do you have a gallery wall in your home? I just love them! It could be my love of collage taken to a grand scale or the way I am into anything eclectic, but they are just awesome! Today I want to share a few tips on how to make your gallery wall stellar! ...

Domestic Fasionista
 1. Include different shapes besides just frames... these vintage plates are great!

Good Hosuekeeping
 2. Think texture! Why not include a mirror or other shimmery surface?

Little Green Notebook
 3. Use clips so that you can easily change up the imagery in your gallery anytime!

 4. Frame "things" that are important to you like handwritten cards and letters or mementos from trips!

Casa Sugar
 5. Paint a big frame shape and hang everything inside. This will really make each work of art stand out!

Belle Maison 23
 6. Something old. Include a pretty find from your thrifting adventures or that belonged to your grandma!

Liz Marie Blog
7. Start hanging your gallery pieces in a corner so that you can add your collection.

Hope these beautiful images and 7 tips will inspire you to create a gallery wall in your home! Need some tips on how to hang it? My awesome friend Ragan from Painterly Passion has a how-to right here!

I am dreaming of creating something like this in my home too. :) Need a custom painting to add to your gallery wall? I'd love to create one for you! For details, click here.

Happy day!


A Doll for Ruby!

My sweet friend is having a little baby girl in a couple of months and I really wanted to make her something special! I've been searching and planning to make something since I she found it was a girl but nothing was quite right until I found this sweet doll pattern by The Black Apple, free on Martha Stewart's website!

At first I had planned a little more detail, but I'm not the best at sewing so I ended up keeping her pretty simple. Spoiler alert: this patter is cool! I never knew how to make a doll- you'll love it!

Then I made her some little "ruby slippers", a bow and a collar out of felt, then added a little ribbon detail. Finally I finished up by painting a sweet but simple face on Ruby's new doll! I can't wait to meet little Ruby and I hope she loves her little handmade doll!

Have you ever made a doll? If so, I'd love to see it! If you want to try it out, this pattern is a great way to start! :) Happy Monday!



I LOVE this vase by Emily Reinhardt  aka "The Object Enthusiast".. (love that!)
& this lovely print from Britt Bass Turner who paints about process... gorgeous. 

I'm pretty sure I need to make some of this whipped coconut oil body butter- how cool is that?!
& breakfast quinoa sounds pretty delightful, no?!

These custom mid-century portraits by Jordan Grace Owens are so dreamy!
& I might be dreaming of this cauliflower mac and cheese from Love & Lemons...yum.

Watercolor flowers by Helen Dealtry that combine all of my favorite warm colors...so perfect!
& identifying with this quote :)

So... that's a peek at what I've been pinning this week! I promise this busy season at work will end in a couple of weeks and I'll be back to blogging more consistently. : / If anyone is still reading, please send me some encouragement today by commenting your favorite quote or song. :)

Happy weekend!


Fresh Perspective Guest Post!

I'm so excited to share a guest post on one of my favorite blogs today- The Beloved Society! They are exploring "New Things" and I'm sharing my journey with a fresh perspective on food. :) Check it out here! You can also follow my other foodie adventures on instagram @specsandwings

Happy day!


Creative Life

Sorry for the silence lately, life has been busy! It's been a great season and I'll share a little peek into creative life lately...

- sweet cards from dear friends (snail mail is my fave!)
- A fun trip to Austin to visit family! We stopped at this cute place "Coffee People" for a sip of tea- YUM!
- She & Him Volume 3 is the best pick-me-up while I do dishes
- Dove dark... need I say more?
- lunch "bowls" are as pretty as they are yummy!

In other news, I'm currently working on custom projects, secret sewing project, experimenting in the kitchen and crashing after work since this is our busy season at work. :) Thanks for being so understanding during this season, y'all are awesome!